What can I do special with the kids to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

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What can I do special with the kids to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

You can make the whole Saint Patrick’s Day celebration if you want to. Get some green food dye and IE breakfast foods. Make some green butter, green eggs, green milk or any other breakfast food that you can add a green dye to. Surprise the kids by serving them up a whole green breakfast or if you think they might not eat it because it looks so strange, have them help you make it, so it is a fun activity too. You can print out leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold and other Saint Patrick’s Day activities. There are plenty of them available online. They have everything from coloring pages, paper dolls, to games and other Saint Patrick’s Day activities. You can have the kids make their own leprechaun trap too. Give them an empty shoe box or any other small box. Then using green or green glittery items, have them decorate the box inside and out. You can use green markers, paint, crayons, construction paper, tissue paper, or fabric to decorate the box with for the leprechaun trap. Then you have to bait the trap. Have the kids use their imagination to figure out what might trap a leprechaun. They can bait the trap with things like costume jewelry, real coins or chocolate gold coins, sequins or fake jewels or even pictures of other leprechauns. Then have the kids set up the trap to spring in any clever way they can come up with. Make sure you leave evidence of leprechauns visit behind later, so they really enjoy the activity. Set it up the night before or the morning of Saint Patrick’s Day. You can also find Saint Patrick’s Day books for children at the library or bookstore. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Mama Nono

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The answer to "What can I do special with the kids to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?"

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