What can I use old toothbrushes for?

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What can I use old toothbrushes for? I hate throwing them away.

Make sure you clean them thoroughly and get any residue out before you use them for anything. The easiest way is to run them through a dishwasher cycle, if you have a dishwasher. There are many things like this that can be reused and recycled instead of just tossing them out and toothbrushes have a lot of uses. Once they are cleaned old toothbrushes can be used for a large variety of cleaning projects like scrubbing grout in bathrooms and the kitchen, cleaning around those impossible faucet handles and fixtures, cleaning the edges of floor moldings that look nice until you notice a layer of accumulated stuck on grime. Anything that is hard to do with a big rag or broom or brush a much smaller toothbrush may help with. They are like mini fingernail scrub brushes which do a great job scrubbing, and with their long handles old toothbrushes can get in places larger things can’t get to. They are good for various craft projects too like using to make a speckled paint technique or as a different kind of paint brush or clay tool. Just walk around the house and see what you might be able to use your old toothbrushes for. They are pretty sturdy too and last for awhile even when they are past the supposed use by date that dentists recommend, which is often 3 to 6 months. Put a couple in with your cleaning supplies, garden supplies and art supplies. Just having them there may give you ideas. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What can I use old toothbrushes for?"

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