What can I use pinecones for?

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I gathered tons of pinecones this year. What can I do with them?

There are a lot of crafts that can be made with pinecones. Do make sure they are clean and dry before you attempt to make anything with them though. Make sure you aren’t bringing in bugs to the house. Clean them off outside first. One of the most simple things you can do with pinecones is to fill a large basket or bowl with pinecones and then set them out as d�cor that way on a mantle or table top or even as a centerpiece on a kitchen or dining room table.. You can put peanut butter on them and then cover the peanut butter with a variety of bird seeds and put the pinecones out in the garden to help feed the wild birds in the winter, when food is scarce for them. Pinecones make a nice place card holder for dinner tables if you want a more natural look on a dinner table. If you have small children set them at a safe crafting area like a kitchen table and give them bits of fabric, odds and ends, yarn, paper and glue and see what they can come up with to make with a pinecone. It will give them a good indoor activity for an indoor day to keep them entertained. Finally you can use them in the fireplace as a kind of kindling and the smell that comes from them is nice. These are a few ideas for using all those gathered pinecones. Have fun with your pinecone projects! Mama Nono

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The answer to "What can I use pinecones for?"

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