What can you use to clean a laptop screen?

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What can you use to clean a laptop screen?

Laptops screens are simple to clean but you do have to be careful with them or you can ruin the laptop screen. If the problem is just accumulated dust that is sticking to the screen, you can simply wipe it off. You need to do it carefully though. Do not use a paper towel or paper products to wipe a laptop screen. It can scratch the screen. Don’t use your hands either because they can leave behind oils and dirt from your fingers. Use a soft open weave cotton cloth or buy cloths specifically made to wipe the laptop screens. For fingerprints or and other foreign object like food or bugs that may get on your laptop screen a liquid may be required to remove a more stuck on mess. Do not use window cleaners or other chemicals that are fine for the usual household cleaning. These can damage the laptop screen permanently or discolour it. The best thing to use is a pre made screen cleaner available at computer stores and some chain stores. You can buy a large amount or they often have small spritzer bottles that are easily packed in a computer case or bag to take along for travel. The smaller bottle also often come packed along with a cleaning cloth or cloths specifically made to be used for cleaning computer screens, which is even better. When you are cleaning the laptop screen, be sure to use a very gentle and even pressure so you do not puncture the screen. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What can you use to clean a laptop screen?"

Question asked on January 17, 2011at 5:00 am:: Comments (1)

To clean a laptop screen, flat screen television or a PC monitor:

Purchase a Microfiber cloth (This is a cloth that has no static), mix in a spray bottle 2 parts water to 1 part white vinegar.

Spray the vinegar/water mixture directly onto your microfiber cloth (2 squirts should suffice.) Wipe your screen clean. Fold your cloth to a dry section and wipe dry.

This will also prolong the dust accumulation.

Posted by: Rose on January 22, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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