What does an earthquake feel like?

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What does and earthquake feel like? I have never been in one.

I am not too thrilled to say that I have felt many earthquakes ranging from the mild to the destructive. What does an earthquake feel like? Depending on the severity of the quake they can feel like a mild rumble to a massive shake. Sometimes you don’t even feel them at all. It depends on how close you are to the epicenter, what your house or building is built on or if you are even in a house when it happens. There have been smaller quakes and aftershocks that did nothing more than make a hanging plant swing above me. For the most part people get used to living with earthquakes. If you are smart you prepare for the worst ones if you live in earthquake territory. They are disconcerting though at times. Feeling the ground move beneath your feet doesn’t make you feel very secure when there is no place for you to go. It isn’t like a storm where you can hide from it. It shakes everything around you. The worst one I was in threw things around the room, off the wall and out of the cupboards. If I could pick something to describe what an earth quake feels like, I would pick the fun house at the fair, the kind that has the waving, moving floors. When you try to stand on them you have to balance or get thrown around. It is a peculiar feeling, like vertigo or being on a boat or ship when you aren’t used to them. You have no control over the movement in an earthquake. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What does an earthquake feel like?"

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