What else can help eliminate my wheezing, besides my inhaler?

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Help! I’m wheezing…I went to the Doctors about a year ago and they perscribed my sigular and it hasn’t done ish…is there anything else that would help benefit me. Thanks!

Check with your doctor and pharmacist. There are solutions. You may need a different kind or strength of inhaler. There are other types of inhalers. They do different things. Some may work on the congestion more, others on the swelling. You may need a combo one or two different kinds of inhalers. You may have to try a few to get the perfect one for you. In the meantime there are things you can do to help yourself. You may have some kind of allergy to something around you. Is there anything new in the house that could be irritating your lungs? A new pet, new detergent, new carpeting are a few things that can cause breathing problems. Keep everything clean and dusted around your house. Keep bedding clean, including the blankets, comforters or bedspreads. Don’t use harsh chemicals that can irritate your lungs when you clean your home. Try natural or environmentally safe products instead. Keep away from smoke and smokers. The types of food you eat and liquids you drink can make a difference too. Dairy products are great but they are notorious for making more phlegm and congestion. Try staying away from them for awhile and see if that helps. Drink lots of clear fluids that will help your body flush out the gunk in your system. The more your lungs are exposed to things that irritate them, the more they have to fight to work. You may find that some of these techniques help your lungs work under less duress. The wheezing is caused by blockage and swelling in your lungs. So you want to reduce that and what causes it. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What else can help eliminate my wheezing, besides my inhaler?"

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