What else can I use besides a bug zapper to get rid of bugs outside?

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I have one of those bug zappers that lights up and you hang it outside but it drives me batty even though it works. What should I do?I can’t stand all the bugs either when I am sitting outside at night.

My sister-in-law had one a number of years back. They do work but the constant zapping noise gets to be really annoying to some people. It is not very soothing or calming either but then again neither are the aggressive bugs. What worked for them was not to hang it near the house like it was suggested but to hang it further out on the property. She said that it almost seemed to draw more towards the house than they would have had even though a lot of them did get zapped. By putting it further from them and from the house the bugs were drawn away towards the zapper. Another option that I have seen work very well is the tall tiki type stand with live flames. You just push the stakes in the ground around the areas people will be sitting. They are more visually appealing too and make you feel you are at some special luau or gathering. They are nice for social events. They add some charm to the setting instead of an ugly blue zapping light. You can easily move them if there is bad weather to protect them from the elements. One added benefit is they add a nice soft lighting to the area. There are also the citronella candles that come in their own holders. You can easily set a lit one on a table or anywhere you need them. You don’t have to be inundated with bugs at night to enjoy being outdoors and you also don’t have to feel like you are part of an electronic game listening to a bug zapper constantly frying bugs right next to you. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What else can I use besides a bug zapper to get rid of bugs outside?"

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