What foods have caffeine in them?

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What foods have caffeine in them?

The obvious foods that have caffeine in them are coffee and many kinds of tea. Different soft drinks have caffeine in them and if caffeine is something you shouldn’t have it is a good idea to check the labels on soft drinks before you buy or consume them. Don’t think only the dark colas have caffeine in them. Many of the so called lighter varieties of soft drinks may have a lot of caffeine in them too. Caffeine gets added to a number of medications, especially over the counter ones or pain and cold medicines like cough medications or decongestants. The stimulant helps to relieve symptoms but they can create agitation or tension too. Make sure you read those labels before you take medicines if you have any stimulant issues. They put all kinds of things in medications, prescription or over the counter. Caffeine is present in chocolate in all its forms including cocoa, baking chocolate, candy, cakes, cookies and puddings. Even chocolate malted milks and milkshakes can have caffeine in them. Don’t forget chocolate sauces and syrups either in your hunt for caffeine in foods. Some cream substitutes for coffee have caffeine in them. Caffeine is natural to the coffee beans, cola nuts, cacao which chocolate products are made from and in tea leaves. It is a stimulant that some people’s bodies can’t handle. With continued consumption of caffeine many people begin to depend on the quick pick me up and stimulation caffeine provides but it isn’t something you have to have. It becomes an acquired habit to consume caffeine. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What foods have caffeine in them?"

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