What is a beer enema and should I try one?

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What is a beer enema? Should I try one?

A beer enema is an extremely dangerous way to get drunk. Beer is run into the body with a tube and funnel, the same way a warm water enema is done or just by inserting a beer bottle and pouring the beer into the anus. This is one of those really idiotic college challenges and pranks but a beer enema can be deadly. What seems like a fun and somewhat perverse gag to try at a party is really a poor choice of entertainment that has cost people their lives. When any kind of alcohol is put into the body via an enema the intestines absorb alcohol much more quickly into the body than it is absorbed orally and it gives a quick alcohol buzz but the buzz is not worth the dangers involved. It is a form of colonic irrigation but unlike those that are supposed to help cleanse the body, and create a healthy treatment, the only purpose a beer enema serves is another way to get drunk. Leave it to the educated college partiers to come up with this brainless form of entertainment. Alcohol poisoning is a very real possibility with a beer enema and it can kill. Beer enemas can also cause severe cramping from the gas buildup and can be very painful. Using a stronger alcohol for this practice is even more dangerous. Should you try a beer enema? I suppose people will sometimes try all kinds of idiotic things to impress or join in the so called fun but is it worth possibly losing your life over to try a beer enema? I don’t think so. Use your brains and don’t join in this so called fun. If you want a beer, drink it the normal way and don’t take a chance on killing yourself for a prank. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is a beer enema and should I try one?"

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