What is a brass rubbing and how do you do them?

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What is a brass rubbing and how do you do them?

Many old graves, particularly markers inside of old churches have brass plaques over the grave on the floor. Some of them are very ornate depicting knights with swords, ladies with head dresses or gowns and details all over their clothes. They may also include a coat of arms or a fantastical animal like a dragon or a dog, something that represents or had significance to the person buried under the brass. Rubbing a brass is a lot like rubbing pennies the way many of us did as kids. However, brass rubbings are much more detailed and an art form. To rub a brass, first you have to get permission from the church you want to work at. Some don’t allow it or ask that you only do it on certain days or at certain times. Brass rubbing needs a specific weight of paper, light enough to allow the rubbing to come through but heavy enough to withstand the pressure of rubbing a complete brass. Some are cut more deeply that other too so rubbing those is a little more difficult. There are also condensed crayon like chunks you buy specifically made for brass rubbing. They come in a number of different colours. You tape the paper in place over the brass with removable tape. Then you begin to rub the chunk across the surface of the paper until the image from the brass below begins to come through the paper. Once it is done, you wil have the whole image from the brass on the paper. Then you carefully remove the tape and you have your finished brass rubbing ready to hang or frame. They are fun to do. You can order the supplies from a brass rubbing supplier. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is a brass rubbing and how do you do them?"

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