What is a perpectual birthday calendar?

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What is a perpetual birthday calendar?

A perpetual birthday calendar is one that list all the days of the year by month, but has no days of the week, dates or years on it. It is a reminder list. It has a place next to each numbered month of the year to wrote on and list birthdays and anniversaries of people you know. Like a regular calendar, you change the months corresponding with the current month, but the difference is you can use it repeatedly, until it wears out because it doesn’t have the years or days of the week on it, that would change on a normal calendar and render it useless at the end of the year. It is a recyclable calendar. A perpetual birthday calendar is a way to remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries to ensure you do not forget an important date of someone close to you. It is good to hang them in a commonly used area where you will be sure to see them, in a bathroom or kitchen for example. They are not always easy to find at stores, but you can make one at home using 12 pieces of heavy stock paper, a hole punch, some yarn, a ruler and a dark water resistant pen. You can add photos or drawings or whatever decoration you like on each page. If you are forgetful or have a lot of names and dates to remember, a perpetual birthday calendar is a handy thing to have around to keep the dates organized.

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The answer to "What is a perpectual birthday calendar?"

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