What is an 8 track player?

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What is an 8 track player?

8 tracks were another variety of recorded audio listening device much like CDs, cassette recorded tapes or the old vinyl records. There were some differences though. Records can be played on any chosen song by moving the needle. Cassette tapes can be moved to the chosen song. CDs can be set to the particular track or song you want to listen to. Much like 8 tracks some players allow you to play the music over and over again without interruption. 8 track recordings came in fat little holders that slipped into an 8 track player and could only be played on an 8 track player just like a record can only be played on a turntable and a cd can only be played on a machine that reads CDs, either a computer, stereo or personal music player. 8 tracks ran a continual loop. They played the whole collection of music on each 8 track all the way through then looped and started all over playing again until they were turned off. They were fine for continual music but only one 8 track recording could be loaded in at a time, There were not multiple loaders like record players or multiple load CD players. It was also harder to be able to play one particular track over and over again like you can with CDs, records or even cassette recorded music. The 8 track fad ran its course and basically died off. Its use was more limited and clunkier than other recorded mediums, so it didn’t last long, although you will still hear from diehard fans of the 8 track system saying how much they loved it. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is an 8 track player?"

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