What is better fro depression and panic, cold or hot showers?

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What is better for depression and panic, a cold or hot shower?

Depression needs a pick me up to lighten up the mindset and mood. A cold shower can be better for depression since it is invigorating. Obviously if it is too cold at wintertime it isn’t very comfortable to take a cold shower, but you can take a cooler shower than you might otherwise and that could help a little. It might be partially getting up and doing something by taking the shower that help the depression but think about how you feel after a nice cool swim on a hot day and how it wakes you up. You could get the same effect with a cold shower when you feel down. It is worth giving it a try if it helps lighten the depression a bit. It isn’t a dangerous chemical or an expensive treatment so it might be something to try. Panic attacks on the other hand need to be calmed down and a nice warm or hot shower might help relax you and your muscles to help bring the edge off of a panic attack. Panic attacks can make you feel agitated and hyper and very out of control, even affecting breathing and heart rate. Taking a warm shower may bring you down from a panic attack and help take the jitters and anxiousness away too. If you are experiencing both depression and a panic attack at the same time you may have to decide which one needs the most attention at the moment. Both can be overwhelming but depression lingers where panic attacks are generally not constant so maybe taking the warm shower to stem the panic attack first might help get you on a more even keel again.

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The answer to "What is better fro depression and panic, cold or hot showers?"

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