What is croup in children and how do you treat it?

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homemade remedy for croup in children

Croup is an infection that causes swelling in the throat near the vocal cords. It is a painful cough that increases with the swelling caused by the viral infection. It is usually in young children under 5 or 6 years old. The cough sounds like an insistent bark that won’t calm down. It can last a week or so. Some cases can be dealt with at home but some get very severe so it is important to keep an eye on the child. It is contagious so when you are helping a child make sure you take precautions. You can treat croup by using a humidifier in their bedroom or if you don’t have one, put them in a steamy bathroom to help calm the croupy cough. The humidity is helpful in relieving a croupy cough. Keeping a child calm will help alleviate some of the coughing and the stress. Cool air can help some to relieve the coughing some. If they aren’t getting better and breathing is becoming really strained you may need to take a child in for medical help. If they seem to be trying to pull at themselves like they are fighting for breath get the child in for treatment. They may decide to give the child a breathing treatment with oxygen and epinephrine. That opens up the airways pretty quickly. You can see the relief in their face and in how they are breathing as soon as it starts working. When you can’t get a breath it is terrifying. Imagine how that feels to a child who doesn’t understand but that is only if they reach the point where home remedies are not helping. The coughing is likely to be worse at night, so the humidifier in the room is a help. Hold your child and help to keep them calm and rested. The more agitated they are, the more likely they are to cough. If they are coughing obsessively when they are calm it may mean they need medical help. So humidifiers, steamy bathrooms, calm and rest are important. You can also make as simple drink with lemon in it. Heat the water and make warm lemonade with or without honey or sugar. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is croup in children and how do you treat it?"

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