What is the best way to clean ornate, carved picture frames?

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What is the best way to clean ornate carved picture frames?

Ornate carved frames are real dust collectors. The dirt gathers in all the grooves of the carvings. Some of the more ornate ones take a longer time to clean, but it can be done. It may take some patience. Begin by removing the looser dirt all over the surface of the frame. You can use the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and dirt. Be careful if the frame is already on a painting. Carefully vacuum the whole frame. You can also use a duster to loosen the top dirt if the vacuum is not an option. To get into the grooves of the detailed carvings may take more handwork after the initial vacuuming or dusting. Use a soft clean cloth and gather it to make a fine point. Then work into each groove of the carving. Another method is to use soft cotton swabs. Depending on how detailed the carvings on the frame are this step can be very time consuming, but if you want it to be thoroughly clean it is necessary to take the time to get every small groove. After the grooves are all clean you may see that the wood needs oiling too. Take care if you oil the frame so none gets on the painting. Don’t use too much so that it will not drip all over or run off the frame. You can apply it into the fine areas of the carving the same way you cleaned out the dust, using the tip of a soft cloth or with a cotton swab. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is the best way to clean ornate, carved picture frames?"

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