What is the best way to use public toilet seats?

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What is the best way to use public toilet seats?

If you can avoid them altogether that would be the best thing, but that usually isn’t possible. A lot of people use public toilets, particularly in high traffic areas, school, sports events, restaurants, gas stations and many more. There are ways you can use a public toilet seat and avoid some of the germs. Realistically our own home toilets are rife with germs too but at least they are limited to the people who live in or visit our homes and we have the control over how and when they get cleaned. We don’t in a public restroom. If you can use a public toilet without completely sitting down you won’t touch the toilet at all. If you can’t balance like that then you can either wipe the seat off with disposable wipes you carry with you or cover the seta the best you can. Some public bathrooms come supplied with disposable paper toilet seat covers. You can buy some to keep with you when you have to use a public bathroom just in case they don’t have any. You can also use clean toilet paper if you have to. It is not a perfect solution but it might cut down your exposure to germs on the toilet seats. Don’t forget to use a tissue to push the flush handle if it doesn’t have an automatic flush and wash your hands thoroughly after you are finished using the public toilet. Use a paper towel or tissue to open the bathroom door or push it with your shoulder if it is a swinging door, on the way out of the main door too. Otherwise you are still touching the same germs you tried so hard to avoid in the first place. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is the best way to use public toilet seats?"

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