What is the difference between taxidermy and embalming?

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What is the difference between taxidermy and embalming?

Taxidermy is the way animals are preserved as trophies. If you have seen a stuffed and mounted animal at a museum or someone’s house, you have seen a taxidermist’s work. The animal’s body is cleaned out, removing the organs, eyes, and blood. The hide or skin is saved and what has been removed by the taxidermist is replaced with another substance to keep the animal’s form intact. The taxidermist has to have knowledge of the anatomy of each animal, how to dissect its body properly, how to tan the hides properly so they are preserved and how to resculpture the original form of the animal. Another name for taxidermy is disambiguation. Embalming on the other hand is different from taxidermy. The embalmer preserves a human remains temporarily. The deceased person can then be shown at an open casket funeral. The body has to be preserved, cleaned and made presentable. The ancient Egyptians are probably one of the most well know embalmers. They used a method known as mummification and preserved the vital organs in canopic jars, separate from the body. The embalmer or in some places the mortician has to be absolutely sure the person is dead before they embalm the body. They test to make sure. The person’s clothing is temporarily removed. They clean the body and secure the eyes and mouth. Then the embalmer begins to remove body fluids and adds embalming fluids through a variety of methods depending on the body part. Basically the difference between embalming and taxidermy is taxidermy saves the outer look but removes much of the inside structure. This is primarily used for animals. Embalming on the other hand preserves the human body and fills it with some type of preserving fluid. Mama Nono

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The answer to "What is the difference between taxidermy and embalming?"

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