Where are the best places to donate food?

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Where are the best places to donate food?

There are large organizations in most cities where food is gathered and then distributed to the people who need it. You can find those easily by looking in your phone book or looking online for those that service the area you are in or the area you want to help if it is elsewhere like in the case of a natural disaster. You can even call local government agencies to see which places are legitimate if that is a concern for you, before you donate the food. For local donations check with neighborhood churches or your own church if you belong to one and see if they have food programs that you can donate to. That will help people in your own community directly and everything you donate will be dispersed to the people you want it to go to. Some churches or even schools can also help you to adopt a family in need if you want to make it even more personal and one to one. That way you can actually see the good it will do someone and know for sure it is going to people who really needs the hand up and need the food. You may make a few friends in the process too. Some people want to be directly involved when they give food or anything else and some do not. There are many ways to give food and many places and the need is always there, at times worse than others especially when times are rough in the economy. Look around and then pick one or two places to donate food to and if you can afford it, make it a continual donation. It will benefit everybody, even you. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Where are the best places to donate food?"

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