Where do scorpions hide in the house?

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Where do scorpions hide in the house?

Scorpions are great at showing up in unexpected places. By the time you realize they are there, sometimes they have already stung you. They like to hide under and behind things all throughout the house. If you live in a house and area that is prone to getting scorpions, you learn very quickly to check behind and under everything. They also come out when you don’t always expect them to. When they feel threatened at all ,they will sting too. If you get them in your house you can have an exterminator come out but they come back again, You have to make it a routine to check in places that you know the scorpions may hide in your house. Look under and around cushions before you sit down. Shake them off. Check your shoes before you put them on. Look in the kid’s backpacks and all around bedding before you get into bed. Watch along the edges of the floor and be careful where you step in bare feet in the dark. Scorpions are good hiders. Check you clothing if it has been anywhere they could hide, like setting a coat on a couch. If you invade their space they are quick to strike. So look under everything they can hide under. They seem to have certain spots or things they repeatedly go for to hide in or under. If you have kids and family, teach them where and how to look out for them too. They do sting when they get you, so better to avoid it in the first place if you can. Be aware! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Where do scorpions hide in the house?"

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