Which is safer, a wooden or plastic cutting board?

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Should I use a wooden cutting board or a plastic one? Which is safer?

There are studies and arguments for both. The plastic cutting boards ones are harder and less forgiving on your knives. Some studies say wood is safer because it resists the growth of harmful germs in the grooves made by knife cuts. Wood is porous so it absorbs below the surface where plastic keep germs near the surface. Either one you choose though, the most important thing is to keep your cutting board clean. Scrub them off after a use with hot soapy water and scrub brush that gets into the cuts and dings on the surface of the cutting board. You can throw most cutting boards in a dishwasher too if you have one. The point is to get it clean. It might be a good idea to get two different cutting boards for different uses. Have one cutting board for breads, baked good, produce and cookie cutting and another one specifically for meats of any kind including fish. That way you will be sure not to cross contaminate something that may be served raw with uncooked meats. If you use a cutting board for non food items like crafts or repairs, get a third one that is only used for that so you don’t contaminate your food with non-edible chemicals and bits of whatever you are working on. You wash dishes. You clean tools. You wouldn’t mix raw meat in with your salad or crafts with your food in any other situation. The use of a cutting board should be the same. Choose what you like to work with the best, but be sure to keep it clean. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Which is safer, a wooden or plastic cutting board?"

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