Why are some fish flat with eyes on one side of their head?

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Why are some fish flat with eyes on one side of their heads?

Fish live on different levels of the water. Some are living nearer to the surface of the water, some in the middle and some are bottom dwellers. The flat fish like sole, flounder and halibut are often bottom dwellers although some kinds will go to the mid-level to look for food. They sometimes hide on or in the ground at the bottom of the body of water. They camouflage themselves from predators that way and it enables them to hunt for their own food too by burying themselves or hiding just under the soil on the bottom. Many of the odd looking fish have two eyes on one side of their heads because one side of their body stays flat and close to the ground surface. Having both eyes on top is the way they adapt to hunting and living on or nearer to the bottom. It is more efficient for them to have both eyes on the tops of their bodies. For some flatfish varieties their flat bodies are easier to conceal under the surface of the ocean floor than the much rounder and fuller shapes of other fish varieties living or interacting further up in the water. They are side swimmers and some kinds burrow under the loose bottoms to hide. The top of the flatfish is usually more colourful than the light underbelly. That is the side with no eyes. As larvae they resemble other longer fish but they change into the more rounded form as they grow and take on the adult form. They are funny looking but their looks serve purposes necessary for their survival. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why are some fish flat with eyes on one side of their head?"

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