Why are tears salty?

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Why are tears salty?

The cells in the human body contain salt or sodium chloride. All the fluids in your body contain a certain amount of salt. The cells maintain a balance of salt both inside and outside of each cell. It creates balance so that the cells stay full and healthy. The salt in the tears that come from your eyes serves a particular purpose and that is to prevent germs from entering the body through a more delicate area, the human eyes. Salt helps to kill bacteria. It also helps the body to heal, although too much salt intake can be dangerous. When you have a sore throat a salt water gargle is a good way to help heal the throat heal and kill the germs. Tear ducts release the salty water out to cover your eyes and protect them, creating a film of water and salt that cover your eyes to keep the germs and dirt away. Blinking helps keep the layer of salty water spread over the eyes. When too much fluid accumulates in the eyes and tears ducts, it leaves the eyes in the form of those salty tears.It also goes down in to the nasal cavity. From the nasal cavity the salty tears either get swallowed or blown out when you blow your nose. Salty tears will also help wash out any foreign matter that may have gotten in your eyes, like dust, pet fur, ash or smoke. Your salty tears are mighty little helpers that keep the eyes functioning at their best. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why are tears salty?"

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