Why aren’t pickup trucks the best to drive on snowy and icy roads?

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Why aren’t pickup trucks the best thing to drive on snowy and icy roads?

You would think being the stereotypical macho mode of transportation that a pickup truck would be the ultimate all weather vehicle, but that isn’t the case. Many pickup trucks are just too light in the back to get really good traction on wintery roads. They can fishtail easily on the ice. A pickup truck has most of its weight in the front cab end of the vehicle when the cargo box is empty. The drive wheels are in the rear of a pickup truck in most cases so the back end which is lighter, now has to push the heavier front end on more precarious road conditions. Watch drivers in many pickup trucks maneuvering on slick city roads and see what happens especially when they are turning corners. In wet conditions the lighter weight can cause the trucks to hydroplane too. I have seen it many times and not being an overly knowledgeable car person it didn’t make sense to me because I have always thought of pickup trucks and big and sturdy work horses. My second dad is a car buff so I asked him last winter when I saw the trucks having so many problems on icy roads in Winnipeg. Some people try to overcome the problem by weighing down the rear axle in the wintertime. My husband has family who live way up in the northern reaches of Ontario, Canada and there a number of the relatives who have pickup trucks load large containers of frozen water to the back of the pickup truck to help with the rear traction during the winter. There are pros and cons to this practice though. If you are going up hill, the added rear weight can help slow you down which is fine, but if you are going downhill, the added weight in the back can increase your stopping distance. Just keep that in mind if you add weight to improve your pickup truck traction in winter. Even with newer brake technologies in many pickup trucks you just can’t drive a truck the same way you do a car, but you can learn how to drive them with care. Drive safely! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why aren’t pickup trucks the best to drive on snowy and icy roads?"

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