Why do babies cry on planes and how can you help them?

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Why do babies cry so much on planes and how can you help them?

Like adults, babies experience the changes in air pressure in their ears. It is very uncomfortable for some adults. It is for babies too. Landing and taking off in an airplane puts extra pressure on our ears. They feel the same thing but react to the pressure in pain differently than an adult does. You cannot explain it to an infant. You can’t give them gum or something to chew. You can’t tell them to yawn to pop their ears to relieve the pressure. They find natural ways to help alleviate the pain and one way is to cry. A simple technique that may help is to put something on the end of a pacifier, like a sweet taste that will encourage a baby to suck hard and help clear their ears. Sucking on a bottle or breast feeding may help too, but since babies have to be strapped in to their baby seats during takeoff and landing, they can’t be held and soothed at those times. Parents need to come prepared on flights when they bring their baby on a trip. Some people are extra sensitive to the changes in air pressure and there are babies who cannot be soothed much during the whole flight either. It is nerve wracking for everyone on the flight, especially those close to the crying baby. People often groan when they see a baby is going to be on the flight. Ask for help if you need it. If it is possible, move around with the baby a bit too. The motion may help. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do babies cry on planes and how can you help them?"

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