Why do dogs circle around before they lie down?

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Why do dogs circle around before they lie down?

Dogs can look really funny when the circle endlessly around and around before they rest. It can even be annoying to watch. Think about it in human terms though. We want our sleeping area just so and each of us has a particular way we like things to be in our beds. We like to rest on one side more than another or we like our bedding a certain way before we can relax and go to sleep. Some people are really fussy and others couldn’t care less. They throw themselves down wherever they are and in any condition to sleep. Dogs can be particular too and why not? One theory about why dogs circle around ties them back to their natural beginnings where they nested in the wild and the circular motion created a bed of sorts on the ground, kind of like marking their sleep area and making it comfortable by matting down the grasses or ground as they circled. Another theory is that when dogs were wild they checked the ground around their sleeping nest for any dangers before they could lie down to rest. Yet another says that dogs are trying to find the warmest position to rest in when they circle around. It makes sense that they would do any of these things when they circle around. We want our sleep areas comfy and so do they. It is an instinctual behavior for dogs to circle around on their beds but it does make you laugh sometimes to see a dog going around and around in what looks like a confused spin. Let them find their own comfort the same way you do. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do dogs circle around before they lie down?"

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