Why do I get chapped lips and what works best to get rid of them?

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Why do I get chapped lips and what works best to get rid of them?

Once they are chapped they annoy you until there is some relief from them. I know they drive me crazy and I start licking them which makes it worse because they dry out more quickly that way. Your lips can get chapped at all times of the year. It may be from exposure to too much sun or a lot of wind if you are outdoors. If you are in a really dry area your lips may get chapped more easily. If you have a nervous habit of licking your lips that can dry your lips out and make them feel chapped or if you are a nervous lip biter or picker you may create sore dry areas on your lips. You might need more fluid in your system. You have seen it in the movies where people exposed to the elements for long periods of times without enough water, come out looking dry and parched and that include their lips. If you notice more chapping after you have started taking a new medication, that may cause it too or you may be having some kind of allergic reaction to something your mouth has come in contact with like a new makeup. You can treat chapped lips very easily. Stop licking them and put on a cream made especially for chapped lips or one of the commercial balms that come in tube, stick or tin form. My preference is one of the natural ones made with beeswax and herbs, not petrolatum. Try one with a sunscreen to help protect your lips if you are outside a lot. Get those smackers nice and soft again. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do I get chapped lips and what works best to get rid of them?"

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