Why do my kids change their minds about things all the time?

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Why do my kids get interested in things and then change their minds?

Face it, kids are curious and at times impatient. They like to experiment and explore the world. This is how they find out what they like and do not like. It may seem like indecisiveness or lack of concentration and focus to an adult but to kids it is often another way to learn. In the case of wanting things they see advertised or that their peers have, it is peer pressure, curiosity and being exposed to successful advertising ploys by companies aiming their advertising at your kids. These companies want your kids to want their products. Once the kids get it though they may find it isn’t quite what they expected or what was advertised. Then kids change their minds and go on to the next want, in a consumer society. Every child wants to excel at something and feel involved or special. They may go through one sport after another to find one that fits them or one hobby or interest or another and quickly get bored with ones they either don’t master instantly or find they really have no skill or real interest in once they try it. At times it can be a matter of encouraging a child to stick with something that takes practice and a little effort. Other times kids really don’t like what they are trying and quickly move on to another interest much to the adult’s chagrin. The problem is this hop scotching from one activity to another can get very expensive and time consuming. Kids have to learn to give everything an honest fair chance, get encouragement for accomplishments or struggles and understand the value of these wants and interests monetarily and time wise too so they appreciate what they are getting. You want your kids to expand their horizons and experience new things, attain new skills and interests, but some guidelines have to be followed and adhered to so they don’t run through money and waste efforts without thinking. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do my kids change their minds about things all the time?"

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