Why do some celebrities do outrageous things to be in the news?

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Why do some celebrities do such outrageous things that make the news?

Some celebrities like attention of any kind, even if it is bad attention. Others are more selective and private. In many ways it is really no different than the rest of the population in that but the difference is celebrities are constantly in the public eye. The ones who choose to act out seem to thrive on the negative side of being a celebrity. They may say they don’t but certain activities are cries for attention and not the good kind of attention. Either way though, the entertainment industry is a giant popularity field and they make their living off of the attention they get, whether it is for outrageous things they do or for something they have earned and achieved with more dignity, than some of the celebrities who seem to thrive on negative and outrageous behavior. The press doesn’t help the situation much. They create the gossip news that should be ignored, not glamourized. Shock value sells publications and the rest of the communication industry. Some celebrities capitalize on that fact. Look at who some of the top searched celebrities are online and you will see that shock and attention sells, even for outrageous celebrity behavior. The performers, who don’t want negative publicity, don’t do or try to avoid doing things to draw that kind of attention on themselves. They keep themselves and their private lives much more in the background. If you put this on a kids level, some bad kids act out purely for attention and they usually get it. So do some of these obnoxious celebrities. It isn’t their entire fault though. At times it gets shoved on them whether they want it or not. If no one reacted or paid attention to it, it would go away. That is not going to happen. The press has been known to hound celebrities on purpose and follow them even to places they shouldn’t be showing up at if they had any sense of decency. But it sells and as usual sometimes the almighty dollar takes over where common sense and decency should prevail. I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity in the spotlight all the time. Outrageous behavior by some celebrities is how they promote themselves. Even if it is not a good promotion technique, sadly it often does the job. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do some celebrities do outrageous things to be in the news?"

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