Why do they dye pistachios pink?

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Why do they dye pistachios pink?

When I was growing up I thought that pistachios were naturally pink but since the dye rubbed off they always seemed really messy to eat. Then I moved to the Middle East, to Beirut and they have these wonderful little shops with bins full of fresh nuts and chick peas. They have pistachios in their natural light brown shell. Once I had tried them there, they very quickly became my favourite type of nut. They were more of a delicacy and not that easily found but now you can find them in bins in North America at local grocery stores and in large bags instead of just in those small plastic snack bags full of pink pistachios. Some say there were dyed pink to make them stand out and more appealing. Another reason I have heard is that they were dyed to hide imperfections on the shells. Then another reason I heard was to imitate the natural redness the shell develops and the nuts were brined while roasting. Supposedly the pink also drew attention to the nuts for retailers. Now being a much more commonly available and well known nut it seems almost unnecessary to make any of them pink although some people are so used to eating them that way, that they prefer pistachios with the pink dye. It has nothing to do with the flavor of the nut though, so it really isn’t necessary. It just makes eating them a messier experience. They are absolutely delicious and used in many traditional dishes.

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The answer to "Why do they dye pistachios pink?"

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