Why do toddlers and babies put everything in their mouths?

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Why do toddlers and babies have to put everything in their mouths?

Young children are still learning about the world around them. This is one very primary way they explore by testing everything orally.. Babies and toddlers don’t instantly know what is edible and what is not, what is dangerous to put in their mouths and what is safe. They are interested in textures and the feel of everything too, so the most obvious place to figure all this out is by putting it in their mouths. It is a natural tendency and one way they learn to distinguish between things. The oral stage children go through is one reason why it is important to have someone around them all times when small children are wandering around the house. This is also why it is also a good idea to go around and baby proof your house before you let little ones wander around. They will put things in their mouths no matter how carefully you watch them. What is obviously not edible and food to you, may look intriguing and like something good to chew on or consume to a baby or a toddler. Small things that can get stuck in a baby’s windpipe are dangerous, as are certain plants and things like outlets and electrical appliances. Keeping everything clean and wiped off is another consideration with little ones around. Those little fingers touch everything and inevitably fingers end up back in their mouths. Babies or toddlers may also be teething. Chewing on things helps the teeth break through to the surface and helps to relieve the pain from cutting teeth. To help keep them from putting things you don’t want in their mouths, give babies and toddlers things that are safer for them to chew on, so they begin to learn the difference. They learn by mimicking, repetition, experience and teaching. Don’t be afraid to tell a baby or toddler no, and to show them what they can or can’t put in their mouths. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do toddlers and babies put everything in their mouths?"

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