Why do you have to turn someone in bed who can’t move?

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One of my best friends has a spinal cord injury. He is a high level quadriplegic. He is pretty much able to do what we do as a group, but when we do campouts or when he stays over we have to turn him in his bed. Why can’t he just stay in one position all the time?

Do you stay in one position all the time once you are in bed? How do you feel when you sit in one place for too long? Those of us who are ambulatory and able to move freely ourselves know when something is painful or uncomfortable and we know we can turn ourselves in bed if that occurs. Depending on the level of the spinal cord injury your friend may have little or no feeling in parts of his body. He isn’t capable of moving himself. Long times of rest mean long times of pressure on one area. People who are bedridden for long periods of time or who cannot feel all parts of their bodies need to take care not to get bed sores. They are also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers. They can be agitated more other things like excessive moisture. Areas that are more boney are also more susceptible to bed sores. There are different stages of severity, with the mildest being merely red spots and the worst are open wounds that can go as deep as the bones or muscles and tendons. When a bedsore has broken the surface of the skin the area of skin can die and treatment can get very involved. Infection can set in. It is better to prevent the bedsores to begin with. I knew a woman who was a paraplegic. Because she could not feel her lower extremities, she was not aware she had a huge open sore on her heel from shoes that were way too tight. She didn’t know they were cutting into her heal because she couldn’t feel it. I happened to see it when she had her shoes off and we got her to treatment. The bed sore was open to her bone. It took a long time to heal. A simple thing like periodic turning to relieve pressure points can prevent a serious bedsore from occurring so helping your friend turn in bed is very important for his well being. It is a simple preventative step. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why do you have to turn someone in bed who can’t move?"

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