Why does copper turn green; which is better clean or green copper?

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Why does copper turn green? Which is better green or clean copper?

Copper is green in its natural state. The greenish reaction we see to copper statues, roofs, pans or jewelry is a form of oxidation. It is referred to as a patina. Much like other substances like wood and silver, age and usage give things like furniture, jewelry and statues an aged and weathered look. That is the patina. Formed copper takes awhile to take on the green patina. Some people love the aged green patina look of copper and some prefer copper to be the golden red colour, like the cooking utensils and pans that are prized by cooks and chefs. The green colour is a lot like rusting iron except iron can start rusting and look rusted much more quickly. In the case of copper though the oxidation turns green. It is a fairly slow process that can take years. Once the green patina has formed it provides a protective layer to the copper that keeps it from corroding further. You can see buildings with green patina copper roofs that are hundreds of years old but they go through oxidation colour changes to get to the green patina. Copper weathers well and gives a building a classic look. The colour of green can vary depending on where the copper is located, and how much moisture or sunlight the copper is exposed to. One of the most famous structures with the green patina is The Statue of Liberty. In the case of antiques the green patina can help antique dealers and experts determine a piece’s real age and value so it is better to leave the patina alone. In the case of pots and pans and everyday jewelry the choice is up to the individual. Many cooks like their copper pots and pans to be sparkling so they polish them. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why does copper turn green; which is better clean or green copper?"

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