Why does depression make me feel like I can barely do a thing?

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Why does depression make me feel like I can barely do a thing?

Depression at its worst is a crippling illness. Some depression is temporary and other types are debilitating over a longer period of time. Depression can be caused by or exacerbated by external circumstances. The loss of a parent, child or spouse or any significant other, a breakup of a marriage or relationship, job loss or loss of a lot of money are a few examples. There are many outside events that can set off depression or make an existing case of depression worse. Whether depression is caused internally, externally or both, it can stop you right in your tracks. Everything you do then becomes difficult. The smallest thing like getting out of bed or walking across a room or doing something as innocuous as doing the dishes takes on a whole different feel and becomes a huge task to the person suffering from depression. It is as if you have been put into a locked room with ponderous weights that keep you from doing anything. For the outsider not feeling the depression, the answer seem simple, to just get up and start doing things, but in the midst of severe depression the smallest activity can seem like climbing a mountain while pulling weights attached to your ankles. You have to allow yourself smaller steps when you are living with depression and make give those smaller steps value. Gauging everything by normal standards in the midst of depression is self defeating. You have to take small steps and accept those as accomplishments. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why does depression make me feel like I can barely do a thing?"

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