Why does my little sister follow me aorund and bug me?

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Why does my little sister constantly follow me around? It bugs me.

Being the older sibling, your little sister is looking to you for a lot of things. She patterns some of what she does after what she learns from you. Sometimes she may follow you around out of curiosity. Other times maybe she wants to be where you are. Many younger siblings look up to their older brothers or sisters with awe and admiration. You can do things she can’t. She knows you are a kid too but one who has achieved things she hasn’t achieved yet. You are closer to her in age than your parents are so what you do may seem more attainable to her or what you do may have her wishing she could be like you. For the most part your little sister is probably not following you around to annoy you but because she likes you and looks up to you. How you react to her shadowing you around can affect how she feels about herself. Instead of looking at her following you as something negative, think of it as an opportunity to shine in her eyes. How you treat her now may affect your relationship with her in the future, even after you are both grown. Try finding a compromise with her. If there are specific things you don’t want her around for then offer your little sister times that you are willing to do things with her. You may find out that that little sister who shadows your every move is one of the best people in your corner as your grow. There may even come a time when, believe it or not you wished that little shadow was still following you around. Yes it can be annoying but try standing in her shoes to understand why she follows you around and then decide what to do about ti from there. You are a teacher of sorts to your little sister. Be a good teacher and you may learn something from her too. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why does my little sister follow me aorund and bug me?"

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