Why doesn’t my dog sweat?

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Why doesn’t my dog sweat?

Your dog does sweat but not much or from as many areas of their bodies as humans do. A dog just doesn’t sweat in the same way you and I do or cool off in quite the same way we do. The only place a dog sweats from is the bottoms of their feet. They don’t have pores to sweat from the way humans do. Sweating for us is a way of cooling our bodies off so dogs have to do it a different way because a dog can overheat the same way we can.. One way they cool off is by panting. Pulling the air in and out over their tongues and into the dog’s bodies then releasing it is a form of air conditioning or fanning and cooling themselves. You may notice your dog panting harder during really hot days looking as if they had just gone on a long hard run. It is really important to make sure they have shade and plenty of hydration during especially hot times. The hottest part of the day is not the time to take your dog walking or running. Dogs will naturally be less active during really hot times of the day. Wait for a cooler time to play or get full exercise.. They have thick heavy coats that they can’t take off like we take our clothes off in order to cool down. Another way to help them cool down in excessive heat is to get them wet with a hose or in a pool or tub. You will see some instant relief if the dog has ways of cooling down. They may spread out on cool tiles, floor or ground to disperse the body heat and help cool themselves off. Keep your dog cool in the heat! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why doesn’t my dog sweat?"

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