Why is candlelight and firelight so soothing?

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Why is candlelight and firelight so soothing?

Westerners live in a hustle and bustle, rush around world but even those who don’t live in that kind of society are drawn to firelight. When you think about it everything is bright and on and going all the time in modern society. The simplicity of fire light and candlelight is part of its charm. It is so basic and so mellow that it takes us all back to a simpler time. Fire is a primary force and beautiful in its simplicity, whether it is a large fire or a small candle. Fire represents many things to many people from life to passion, to heat to light and warmth. It is a symbol of love too so it is no wonder people are drawn back to the primeval force of nature represented in candlelight and firelight. When that natural force is contained in a fireplace or campfire or in a candle we have some control over it too. It is mesmerizing to watch a candle or firelight burning too. The dancing flames and the crackling noises are calming to the nerves too. The idea has been used for many commercial products now too hoping to catch the basic appeal of fireplaces and candlelight. It is a basic pleasure that we never seem to outgrow. Fire has been included in every art form too from music and sound to paintings, movies and sculptures. Firelight is a powerful force that can create or destroy. But in a contained form of candlelight and firelight in a fireplace or campfire, fire and flames are controlled simplicity and spectacular in a very soothing way. It is a very spiritual force. Enjoy the flames! Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why is candlelight and firelight so soothing?"

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