Why use a pumpkin knife to carve and what else can it be used for?

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Why use a special carving knife for pumpkins and what other uses do they have?

If you have ever tried to carve a jack-o-lantern face with a big straight sharp kitchen knife or a paring knife you will know hard they are to use. Not only that they are definitely not very kid friendly since they slip easily and can cut. They also take forever to make simple designs. The little kits they sell now with small handled serrated carving tools, scooping kits, poking tools and different shaped serrated blades are a vast improvement over the old kitchen knife routine. Now the kids can get involved easily and older kids can do it by themselves if they want to. Not only that they make the detailed carving so easy and they are incredibly simple to use. The thick serrated blades work like small saw blades and slice through thick pumpkin very easily. Not only can you make the basic face shapes with them, you can use intricate designs and stencils to make themed jack-o-lanterns and super detailed faces. Don’t pack them away with the Halloween decorations once Halloween is over though. The handy dandy little carving tools are good for other times too. After Halloween you can cut up the jack-o-lanterns before they spoil and cook them down to get the meat of the pumpkin for pies, cakes and cookies. The serrated knives make cutting them up a breeze. Use them later in the year to cut up whole pumpkins for Thanksgiving desserts. When other melons are available they are really simple to cut up with the carving tools. Don’t forget the autumn squashes that taste so delicious either. They are much simpler to cut up or cut open using these inexpensive little tools. Mama Nono

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The answer to "Why use a pumpkin knife to carve and what else can it be used for?"

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